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Attention to Orders

November Drill is this weekend.  We have several things happening.  Check the POD for events.  Saturday, we are planning on a community outreach in support of Veterans.  We will be doing part of our drill at this event. On Sunday, we will be preparing for the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade.  We will be making sure that our uniforms are perfect and our marching skills are as mad as ever.  People do notice us at the parade.  Click on the link below for more information on the parade.

2019 Phoenix Veterans Day Parade

Also, the Region 8-8 2019 Ben Avery Marksmanship weekend is happening.   I need to know who is going by end of Saturday Drill and Money no later than Veterans Day Parade.  If you have questions, use the chain. Click on the link below for more information.

Region 8-8 2019 Ben Avery Marksmanship weekend

Several cadets are due for renewal. Remember to check your ID for its expiration date.
Can’t wait to see you all at drill.
LTJG Jay E. Myers
Commanding Officer
Phoenix Division / TS Battleship Arizona

Attention to Orders!

November 2019 Drill PODDownload the POD!

Blood Drive

George Horvath Division is hosting a blood drive on 16 November (Saturday) from 0900 – 1300. Feel free to let your unit/parents know. Cadets must be 16 years old and must have a youth donor card to donate.  For mote information please click on the link below.

Blood Drive Info

Communication Requirements

If you’re not able to attend drill, contact your Chain of Command: LPO and Division Officer.  Copy your Commanding Officer on all emails:  CO@phoenixdivision.org.

If you have questions about training or coursework, email the training officers at TRAINING@phoenixdivision.org.


Do not let your enrollment expire.  Re-enrollment into the program is $125.00 and can be paid via cash, credit card, check or money order made payable to “USNSCC.” Unsure of your enrollment status?  Check your ID for the expiration date or contact admin staff. If you are planning on attending any training through the USNSCC, you must have a current and valid ID through the last date of the training. It is your responsibility to verify you have what you need for training. If your ID is not current, you may be denied training until your enrollment and ID is current.

If your ID card is lost or damaged, you may request a replacement.  The cost to replace your ID card is $10.00.  See your Chain of Command with questions.  Payment should be given directly to admin staff, and be sure to collect a receipt upon for payment.

Attention All Hands!!!

Please go to the Homeport Portal and look for the training you would be interested in attending. Review the training lists for all the different trainings throughout the United States, Please be sure to read the NSCC Information Letter (FIRST) at the top of the training portal page or the hyperlink in this announcement for important guidance on all trainings. Please get your Training Authority (Request) NSCTNG001– Cadet completed and submitted to the Commanding Officer with the applicable registration fees in the form of a “Money Order” or “Cashier’s Check” made out to “USNSCC”, unless otherwise directed per NSCC Information Letter. Please bring orders requests and registration fees to drill this weekend, hesitation may cause you to miss out on advanced training opportunities!



Planning and preparing, it is important to start schedule your time wisely to maintain a good balance of schoolwork and Sea Cadet coursework. Working on it on a regular basis will allow you to take it in smaller pieces over time to get it all done without a lot of grief. Set a personal goal to be able to turn in at least 2 (or more) assignments every drill. This will help put you on the fast track to promote quickly through the program. If there are any issues with coursework that has been submitted be sure to let ADMIN know, but be sure to let you LPO/Division Officer know FIRST!

Can’t find your coursework CD??? Easy – Just go to Sea Cadet Coursework Link for Sea Cadets and NLCC Cadet Coursework Link for Navy League cadets start onPart I of the NLCC Syllabus.

Blank Answer Sheets: http://homeport.seacadets.org/download/attachments/1343728/nsctng028.pdf

Do you have your PQS done yet? All cadets should be able to complete Level 1 introduction to PQS within the first three drills after joining. Level 2 PQS is for all cadets to prepare them for recruit training and should be completed before RT if possible and not longer than their first year in the program. If you don’t have them completed, plan on getting them caught up ASAP.