Cadet Links

Cadets, this is your one stop shop for everything you need to be a success in this program.  Make sure to regularly check the FLASH TRAFFIC  page for the latest information about what is going on in the unit.

If you need help, use your chain of command.


The Cadet Handbook is your reference to basic information about our Unit and Cadet expectations. You should consider this handbook as part of your uniform.  Unless you are told otherwise by your Chain of Command, you should have tis binder with you at all times.  Download instructions and handbook here:


There are new regulations in regards to female grooming standards:

The U.S. Navy recently implemented new female hair regulations.  Effective immediately, the NSCC will follow these regulations.  The attached document describes each new style.  An interactive link demonstrating the new styles provided below:


Everyone will have proper haircuts and hair grooming standard (shave!).  Anyone who is not properly groomed and in proper uniform can be sent home, till the discrepancies are corrected!

You may return to drill as soon as you correct the uniform and grooming issues, this is YOUR part to do! The enforcement of the requirements is to recognize those who prepare to come to drill to train, if we are always correcting the things we “forgot”, we are taking away from our training time!

If you need help or assistance with uniform issues, contact your LPO or Division Officer ASAP!

image645Ranks and Rates of the Sea Cadets

It’s always good to know who is senior to who when in uniform.  This handy chart will help you out.

How do I Promote in the Program

NLCC Cadet Advancement Requirements

NSCC Cadet Advancement Requirements


Ribbons and Awards

Everyone likes earning ribbons for their uniform.  Here is where you can find out what they all are and how to earn them.

image458Basic Military Requirements

This is where to go to get the coursework you need to advance in the program.  Everyone must complete this course before being promoted in the Sea Cadets.

image458Navy League Syllabus

This is where to go to get the coursework you need to advance in the program.  Everyone must complete these courses in order to advance in the Navy League program.

image491Physical Readiness Manual

Do you need help getting in shape?  Here is some information that can get you ready for that next PT test.

The Standard Operations and Regulations Manual (SORM) has all the information you need to be a successful cadet at local drills with the Phoenix Division.

cropped-NSCC-Logo-with-crest-and-slogan-HORIZONTAL.pngPersonal Qualification Standard (PQS)

Learn by doing.  The PQS system sets your course for what you should know in the program.

image493Homeport Website

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, this is the place to look.  It covers all aspects of the program.