World’s Finest Chocolate 2018


Since 1949, people have come to rely on our $1 bar as their primary way to fundraise. We still offer this option today, and it is as popular as ever! Here are some benefits of our $1 bars:

  • Everyone has $1. Your supporters are happy to purchase a fundraiser for this reasonable price.
  • Up to 50% profit on all $1 products sold*.
  • They’re as good as you remember. Not only are our $1 bars affordable, but they’re also a premium quality chocolate, so you’re getting a great value.
  • Assorted flavors for all tastes.
  • You can’t find them in stores. Our $1 fundraising bars can’t be found in retail stores like some of the other brands out there, so your supporters know they are getting something special.
  • There’s always a reason to buy more. Unlike wrapping paper and other household goods you can purchase through fundraisers, our $1 bars will not sit around your supporter’s house, unused.
  • They’re so delicious that people will consume them right away and have a reason to buy more from you!

  1. Print a copy of the order form. This order form will be used to take orders and determine how many cases and of which type of chocolate bar to order. World's Finest Chocolate Order Form
  2. DO NOT collect money upfront. Submit completed order forms up the chain-of-command.
  3. Deliver the product accordingly and collect payment. Submit all monies raised to command so they can be credited appropriately.

The intent of the order form is to provide a way to plan for future sales and to help keep inventory levels and shipping costs within good parameters.