T.S. Battleship Arizona

The Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC) is for boys and girls, at least 10 but not yet 14 years old, who are interested in the sea and ships, and our nations seagoing services. The Navy League program is designed to introduce young people to maritime and military life, and to prepare them for later entrance into the Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

Cadets meet or “drill” right along with our older counterparts from the Phoenix Division one weekend each month throughout the year. Our unit is called a Training Ship because it is structured along military lines and is headed by a Commanding Officer.

Like the Seimage623a Cadet unit, our NLCC training ship has one main purpose, and that is to foster team work, camaraderie and an understanding of the military command structure among cadets.
Navy League cadets are trained in nautical skills such as knot tying, sailing, water safety and swimming, first aid, and even fire fighting. Cadets are instructed in military drill and discipline and are taught from a syllabus covering naval history to ship nomenclature. Navy League cadets also tour ships and bases and participate in community events such as parades and fairs.

In addition, cadets have the opportunity to participate in weekend campouts and competitions, and a one week long summer training held on Navy and Coast Guard bases. Week long summer training is comprised of NLCC Cadet Orientation or “mini boot camp” for new cadets, and advanced training for senior cadets.

NLCC Orientation provides intense training in military and naval subjects and an introduction to the military atmosphere. NLCC advanced training provides senior cadets with training in leadership, boat safety, and subjects relevant to prepare cadets for the Naval Sea Cadets.

Taking part in the pride and honor of wearing the Navy uniform, and being apart of a fine organization gives the NLCC cadet a sense of service. In addition, NLCC cadets who complete one year of training in the program, can be eligible to enter the Sea Cadets, at a higher rate. The training received in the NLCC will give cadets the experience for an easy transition to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps.