Sailboat Training

Sailboat Training


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Sailing will be in the morning from 0800 – 1100 and from 1200 – 1600.  During the Summer, most sailing will be at LakePleasant.  Bring a lunch and plenty of sunscreen.

Sailing will be at different locations:

  • Tempe Town Lake  (Loop 202 and Scottsdale Rd.)
  • Alvord Lake  (35th Ave Just South of Baseline in Caesar Chavez Park)
  • Lake Pleasant, north of Peoria (meet at the 10 Lane boat ramp)2-3 Spots are available each sailing outing.  Available dates to sign up are posted on the Flash Traffic Page.

Additional dates will be added if requested or if slots are filled.

There are 3 required Personal Qualification Standards (PQS) that must be completed.  Part 1 is all classroom training on safety which can be done at drill or using the information from the power point presentations on this site.  Part 2 is a combination of classroom and shore side training to review sailboat nomenclature, radio procedures, rigging, launching and recovery of the boat.  Part 3 includes classroom training in basic navigation and rules of the road, with cadets getting out on the water learning the basics of sailing.   A fourth section is also available for anyone wanting to become a Sea Cadet sailing instructor and be authorized to sign off PQS books.


Both Navy League and Naval Sea Cadets (and staff) may participate in this training.  Even though the sailboat only holds 2-3 passengers, all cadets are encouraged to come out to the lake and work on completing all shore side PQS training.  Anyone can come out to participate.  Cadets with the most shore side PQS training complete will have first priority to sail if there is a waiting list.


As you accomplish various tasks towards getting qualified, your PQS book gets signed off by an instructor saying that you have completed that task.  If you lose your PQS book you MUST start the entire process all over again.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


Take good care of your book.  Once everything in your book is signed off it will be turned in and you will go on to the next section.

and finally…  NEVER LOSE YOUR PQS BOOK!!!
For more information or to sign up to go sailing, contact

Name: LCDR Turner